Living with Spinal Cord Injury

By | July 2, 2017

Driving with a Spinal Cord Injury New York City


One of the most difficult things that can happen when an individual has a spinal cord injury is the fact that they lose part of their life. All the things they were doing prior to the injury will have to change.


Many feel that they can no longer drive but this may not be true because of the innovations today. If you are living with spinal cord injury it may be a good idea to see whether driving is still in your future.


Driving still can provide some mobility and independence. Although some people will need to stop altogether others may be able to learn a different way to drive. If you have spinal cord injury here are a few tips that may help you back in the driver’s seat:


Get an evaluation. Your evaluation will show your range of motion, your vision, strength and reaction time. These are all necessary for good driving practice and if you are living with spinal cord injury you need to know that you will be safe whilst driving. The evaluation will most likely be done by a driving instructor or an occupational therapist. They will also evaluate how you get in and out of your vehicle.


Get training to drive a new vehicle. You will now start driving a vehicle that has adaptive equipment and it is different from your last car. If you have spinal cord injuries you will need to learn how to drive this new equipment. You can check with rehabilitative centers or VA Medical Centers for information about who offers this type of training.


Get a valid driver’s license. Unfortunately, one of the long term consequences of living with spinal cord injury is that you will need to find different ways to do things. Because your circumstances have changed, your state will require a statement from your doctor to say that you are able to drive. They will probably also require a road test. Your driver’s license can then say that you can operate a vehicle with adaptive equipment.

Driving does not necessarily have to stop when you have a spinal cord injury.

If your injury was due to someone’s negligence it is a good idea to contact a New York City spinal cord injury attorney so they can help you get what you need. Some of the adaptive equipment and the evaluation will cost a reasonable amount of money, that you may not be able to afford, so it can be part of your spinal cord injury healthcare allowance. You will need to talk to a Manhattan spinal cord injury attorney to check your options.

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